UI / Typography

Drivers License Redesign



Spring 2020


Illustrator, Figma, Adobe AfterEffects, Principle


How can we create a digital ID that makes people feel safe while being setting specific?

age view with shadow
full view with shadow

Break Down

Switch Between IDs

Switch Between IDs

Easily switch between ID cards, whether it be your driver's license, school, or passport. 

Age View v. Full View

Getting alcohol shouldn't require the cashier seeing all of your personal information. Simply switch between states with a click of a button. 

QR Code

Verification is a lot easier for law enforcement officers with a QR code. 


I learned a lot about microinteractions with this project. Now, I understand how much thought should be put into what appears to be a simple problem. If I were to do this project again, I would take more time in my initial design steps, prior to the visual phase.