Animation / Interaction

Reclaim Capitalism



Spring 2020


Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, Figma, Principle

Project Overview

As the economy becomes less competitive with giants like Big Pharma and Big Tech consolidating power, the appeal of capitalism is waning. I address the deception and demoralization the consumer faces through an interactive website.




Key Screens

Why Reclaim Capitalism?

In many industries, the fiduciary responsibility of the company and the best interest of the consumers do not align. For whatever reason, capitalism gets the blame, not centralization. 

As with the Opioid Crisis.


Since the pandemic and Zoomversity started a few weeks into this project, there was a lot that I had to acclimate to. I started the project with expectations of using 3D software and was able to figure out how to work from home despite the challenges. I am happy to have learned how to adjust and go with the flow. 

If I were to do this project again, I would focus on simplying the narrative more. 


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